Dauntless: How to get Peerless Arcstone in Hunt Pass Season 4

Hunt Pass Season 4 of Dauntless is here! And with it a whole host of new items to collect and systems to explore. However, one item is proving a little more difficult to obtain than anticipated – Peerless Arcstone.

Where to get Peerless Arcstone in Dauntless

Everyone loves upgrading their best gear to its full potential, and to raise your equipment to level 11 and beyond, you’ll need Peerless Arcstone.

The official line on how to get the Arcstone is by completing Heroic + Patrols.

But rather than getting it as a basic reward, you can only receive Peerless Arcstone from Heroic + Daily Patrol Bonus Reward Chests. Since you only get a limited number of these every day, you’re not going to be farming this very quickly.

Phoenix Labs has said that they’re looking to remove this limitation in a future patch, which according to their official Twitter is “probably 0.8.0.

However, many players have been reporting that the drop-rate of Peerless Arcstone is bugged, and that they’re not receiving any at all – regardless of how many patrols they complete.

It’s unclear at the moment whether this is a misunderstanding based on how Arcstone doesn’t drop from all Heroic + Patrols, just from chests, or no one really can get what they need.

Either way, this should be cleared up in the next patch which will be out soon.

In summary, to get Peerless Arcstones you need to complete Heroic + Patrols and have them drop from the bonus reward chest. However, many players are reporting that they aren’t receiving any Arcstone – either from Heroic + chests or through any other means.

Currently in open beta, Dauntless will make its way onto the Epic Games store, as well as the three major consoles; PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. Season 4 of the game’s Hunt Pass launched at the end of April 2019.

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