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This act changed everything! The Kansas- Nebraska Bill was passed by the U. Congress in May creating a territory on its way to statehood.

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During the ensuing seven-year drama, "Bleeding Kansas" drew national attention while the issue of slavery was debated and the native populations were dispersed. In Kansas was admitted as the 34th state in the Union leading to the outbreak of Civil War. The early settler often selected a spot for his home near a timbered stream, where he could cut logs.

Utah Sluts

Homes were made from the earth and were called dugouts. They were rectangular holes cut in the side of a bank of suitable size and depth, roofed with poles over which were heaped cornstalks and dried grasses, and then topped with strips of sod.

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They were warm, dry and windproof. Walls were plastered with a mixture of clay and sand.

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Later, homes were made of squares of sod, of convenient size for handling like bricks. Such houses stood for 35 or 40 years. Schools were also made like this. Claims were fenced with stone, or Osage orange hedge planted. Game was abundant.

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Fruits and meats were dried. Milk and butter kept in the spring or hung in the well.

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Barnes, These two events and the ing of the Act by acting governor Daniel Woodson approving it on August 29, incorporated the Town of Paola Paoli. Paola, K. After counting the ballots, Paola was victorious. Later, it moved west to include Olathe and Spring Hill.


Coffey and David Lykins. This company was authorized to acquire title to by any quantity of land not exceeding acres. The Board of Trustees appointed consisted of William A. Heiskell, Isaac Jacobs, William H. Lebow, B. Campbell and Peter Potts. The streets were laid out at an angle with the points of the compass, of eleven and one-half degrees to the east of north, south of east, etc. Krutz, T. Anderson and W. Wagstaff each held twelve shares and William E. Ide, A. Shannon and Ezra T. Nye each held six.

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Cutler's History of the State of Kansas. In the Catholics begin to build a stone church. James S. Neylon, Miami Republican, August 5, One of the most noted of these was the Wea Tar Spring.

The first prospecting was done in by G. Barker, Seth Clover, W. Wagstaff, G. Miller and Dr. Lykins were members, and G. Brown was president and manager. Thirty-year leases were obtained on thirty thousand acres of land, and the drilling was begun in June. The wells were sunk in the vicinity of springs where the oil had been escaping for centuries and no longer existed in paying quantities.

After sinking three or four wells near Paola the work was laid by for the winter, and before it was d the Civil War came on, and nothing more was attempted for twenty years. In the meantime the oil from the springs which was of a very heavy variety was sold for wagon grease and sometimes used for medicinal purposes.

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He had his first night on a bed of buffalo robes and the next day went to the settlement called Osawatomie on the Marais des Cygnes River where he met Rev. Samuel L. Adair, who told him plainly that they did not want a representative of the slave interests there. Shannon Agent and Secretary.

Ward, Treasurer, and W. Wagstaff Agent and Secretary. From this time until after the expiration of limitation of the Charter of the Paola Town Company, granted in and continuing ten years, no further meeting of the Company was held, and no other officers chosen during its corporate existence. Allen T. Ward, Treasurer died in June,and the vacancy caused by his death was not filled.

Under the law applicable to the dissolution of corporations, W. Wagstaff, as Agent and Secretary, became Trustee, with full power to settle its affairs.

He continues to manage its affairs until its property was finally disposed of. Malona Williams, who later became Mrs. Cyrus Shaw. It was a subscription school, which was begun in the fall of and continued for a term of three months. It was held in a little frame building, then standing on the ground occupied by one of the Condon buildings, in Paola, Kansas.

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As nearly as Mrs. It was a one story, board structure, about twenty feet square with three windows and a door. The latter was a grandson of Baptiste Peoria, the chief. Williams later taught at a school near Spring Hill in Sheridan writings. Wagstaff, on behalf of the Paola Town Company, offered to donate to the county lots within the town site.


The proceeds from the sale of these lots would be to help finance the county government. They were deeded from the city to the county and then from the county to private citizens when sold. The money went into the treasury of Lykins County. Commissioners upon the petition of a majority of the legal electors of the county shall order an election for the location or removal of such county seat.

Some of the earliest settlers remember the submitting of this important question to the Paola Board as causing much agitation among the Paola people. The Board of Supervision ordered an election for the permanent location of the County Seat to be held on the same day as the general election and from that time on party lines was abolished. The Paola people worked like beavers.

Sluts in Utah, USA

It was said at the time that they personally visited every legal voter in the county. For ten days before the election it was believed that Paola would win if the voters could be persuaded to go to the polls; hence every effort and inducement was used to get all voters friendly to Paola to the voting places. The county was divided into small districts and three men constituted a committee to get every voter of every district to the respective polls.

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